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Wrote article May 15, 2018 "Get Your Financial House in Order – Just in Case"

Wrote article February 21, 2018 "Post-Divorce Money Tips to Prepare for the Next Stage in Life"

Quoted in May 2018 Financial Advisor Article "Financial Advisor: The best job for working moms?"

Quoted in June 2017 on Forbes "What You Really Should Be Saving For Retirement"

Quoted in June 2017 on Investor's Business Daily "Advisors at Home: How they Teach Kids About Money Matters"

Quoted in May 2017 on CNN Money "How Can I Save for Retirement if I Don't Have a 401(k)?"

Quoted in April 2017 Reuters Article "Your Money: Older Couples Ponder Financial Impact of Divorce"

Quoted in December 2016 CNBC Article "As Markets Soar, It May be Time to Rebalance your Portfolio"

Quoted in December 2016 CNBC Article "How to Deal with your 2016 Capital Gains Distributions"

August 2016 – Cindy wrote an article for MarketWatch Retirement Weekly titled "Gray Divorce and Retirement"

Quoted in January 2016 CNBC Article “Do-It-Yourself Retirement for the Self-Employed.”

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